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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 26, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs five eyewitness news on the cw. >> an outing to see the snow turns into an unimaginable tragedy. how a bay area family is coping with the loss of two parent sxsz a child. >> adding up the thanksgiving day bounty, how businesses benefitsed and -- benefitted. >> i was like i'm about about to have my baby many the car and a birth that couldn't wait. . >> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm dana king. four lives lost and two
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families devastated after a hor i havic crash -- horrific crash. elizabeth cook with more on the crash. >> loved ones say they were driving back pr a quick trip to tahoe. quality time for the oklahoma family of four to enjoy the snow, but it ended like this. >> maybe one month we adopt see each other so we have thanksgiving. >> this is the sister of the driver of testify toy yoet that that chp says crossed the center line of traffic and broadsided a minivan. she celebrated the holiday with the family just two days earlier. the only survivor in the car, a ten-year old. >> i will take care of her, everything.
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my daughter will help me too and my sister. everybody will help each other like that. >> a little girl in the minivan, a four year old was also killed in the crash. four others in the van were hurt. >> now the chp is looking into what led to this deadly crash but krorth this year's thanksgiving data, the number of people who die died on local roadways is up from last year. 44 this year while dui arrests are down. elizabeth cook, cbs five. >> the coast guard has called off the sej for a 16-year old boy who was swept into the ocean along with his father and mother. >>. the family was on a beach when their dog got stuck in the high surf. all three were caught in high waves in an effort to save the
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dog. the daughter emptily called 91 one we learned tonight it wasn't poison gas but cigarette smoke that sent 24 people to the hospital last night. a party was going on and there was heavy smoke in the air. two people tested positive for carbon monoxide in their bloodstream but cigarettes can do that. >> and too much aromatic oil is being blamed for a hazmat emergency at a san jose business today. this is a live picture of the scene where we're told l as many as ten people were sickened. it turned out there was just too much oil on the rocks in the steam room. . >> a fremont man is mind bars accused of trying to kill his
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girlfriend. kit has more. >> the frantic 911 call came from this backyard. the woman on the phone had her hands tied behind her book, a noose around her neck and her angry boy friend was coming back. >> he told her he was going to kill her they say 31 year old daniel l howard got into an argument with his girlfriend and bound her hands. when he went inside to get a cigarette, she dug her dproenl out and called police. >> when police officers confronted him, they say he used her as a shield and that he had taken up the slack in the rope and was prepared to kick out the barrel from under her feet. officers say he tried to flee but they caught him had the officers not got there in time, what do you think would have
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happened? >> he would have killed her. >> police have been to the house on at least a half a dozen drug related calls. . >> a jewelry store robbery goes bad when the victim pulls her own gun on the gunmen. two men came into the story store this morning and started firing. the woman behind the counter fired right back. the robbers took off. >> stealing iphones is still big business for small time thieves. some residents are so tired of it they decided to fight back. one shop posted a sign warning customers that thieves are taking phones. . >> i was just sitting there looking down at my phone and then somebody just grabbed it and it was like a phone/wallet
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combo. i started chasing after them but then i realized there was two of them public transportation and also a popular place for phone thefts. police say a stolen cell phone goes for about a hundred bucks on the black market. >> the shopper is the driving force of the economy. 247 million (24) 700-0000 people went holiday shopping over the weekend and they spent more than $59 billion. that's an increase of 14% o over last year. and on cyber monday, on line sales were up 24% over last year. anthony mason tells us the web is becoming the -- america's marketplace. >>'s biggest shipping center in arizona is the size of 28 football fields.
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last cyber monday, the busiest day of the year, they processed 200s per second. the vice president says they expect business this year will be even better. >> we have hired and are kopting to hire 50,000 seasonal workers to meet customer demand. >> that's in addition to the 20,000 full-time employees. >> we need a new word for busy. >> across the country, online sales account for only about 10% of all holiday purchases. >> the share of sales happening online is still fairly e low, however, the internet influences now about 50% of what consumers buy. >> because shoppers look for sales and compare deals online before they buy. online sales jump more than 20%
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o on monday. . >> jill, a retail aj list with ibm which monitors 500 retailers says shopping was heavy throughout thanksgiving day. . >> people were buying during the traditional thanksgiving dinner time. >> that's right. i'm saying the iphone is now the new utensil and if you think thanksgiving should be sacred remember that in 1941, the holiday was pushed up a week after the head of stores appealed to the president to move thanksgiving to extend the holiday shopping season. . >> and get ready for the new est addition to the kay of the week holiday event. tomorrow is the the first ever giving tuesday. it's an idea that started in new york to help people -- motivate people to help nono
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profits in their community. for example, stone ridge will encourage people to donate to nonprofits like the american red cross. >> checking some bay area led ion -- headlines. the sheriff has pleaded not guilty to crimes. -- he is free on bail and suspended without pay. >> the 15 year old suspect in a deadly crime spree could be charged as an adult. the teenager is set to be arraigned as early as tomorrow. police say he and a 26 year old companion, robbed four businesses, killed a man, and had a shoot out with police ten ago. both sments behind bars and a holiday gift for oakland
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shoppers, free saturday parking. the offer runs through december 29 sxth applies to any metered space and city garages it was a delivery unlike any other for a ups employee. he and his wiech helped deliver a baby in a porking lot. -- parking lot. >> one day, this little baby will hear an incredible story from her parents, the story of her birth. >> jazz minute's con contractions were five minutes apart just before 5:00 a.m. her husband drove her to the hospital but her water broke in the front seat. . >> she's like pull my pants down, the baby hanging out. i see the baby's head so we both were yelling at the same time. >> i was just in shock and in pain like i'm about to have my baby in the car he sped off of
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the freeway. here at the parking lot in front of this commuter. >> the guy got out of the car screaming she's having the baby i was screaming my child's being born. >> the baby was born so fast, he missed it. >> she actually hit the floor a little bit because i was backwards. . >> she wrapped her childs many a coat from a taxi driver. a police officer called 91 one and her husband -- and the commute eer's husband helped cut the umbilical cord. >> three-pointer a few tense moments when they had to suck out what was in the baby's mouth. >> finally the baby started breathing. >> tonight the stay at home mom and restaurant worker dad give thanks for their baby and the people that helped deliver
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her. >> well, the baby is healthy and is spending the night with her parents at kaiser perm men at an and o could go home tomorrow. live in pittsburgh, cbs 5. >> he works for ups, he knew delivery was going to get busy. first little leaguers, now football stars from oakland. >> some of the best child athletes in the country, we'll introduce you to the children who beat the o odds for this honor. >> and a sea of confetti at a may si's thanksgiving day parade reveals a blunder. >> san francisco is way up here, hawaii is down here, find out why the rain falling over the big island now could be a big problem for our forecast
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later this week.
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. >> right now the body of the former pal state prison yan leader is -- pal sign yan leader is being removed. many of the people believe israel poisoned him. his body will be reintired in a few hour. >> reinterred in a few hours. >> stow was left with permanent brain damage from a betting out -- beating outside
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of the dodger's stadium last year. they are seeking reimbursement and he and his family are suing the team for lifetime medical expenses. >> a group of young oakland athletes is also headed to a championship game. chris introduces us to this group of student athletes who soar on the field and in the classroom. >> the snaps, the tackles, the whistle, take a close look, these kids playing pop warner on a field in west oakland are some of the best in the country. >> this whole year, we only got scored on one time. >> when it gets to game time, we're ready and focussed. >> this is where the rubber meets the road they say. >> vice president kenneth smith isn't just a proud coach talk -- talking up his team,
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his team have beat out the best to go to the championship for three years these kids are the cream of the crop. there are 12 hundred teams in each division and only 24 teams make it to the divisionals. >> you have to have pride in yourself and discipline. >> discipline that extends off the field. most of these players have grade point averages above 3.5. >> they're not only athletic, they're smart. >> and they're being cheered on by a squad also going to nationals. the cheer squa placed third in regionals this year. >> i think my team has what it takes to make first the kind of discipline that they know won't end with pop warner. >> everything that my coaches have taught me is going follow me everywhere i go. >> okay, if you earned $300
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thousand per till vision episode -- television episode, uldz think it would be hard to come up with complaints. an gust t -- ang gust t jones ngus t jones called the show filth when speaking with a religious show. >> please stop watching "two and a half men". please stop filling your head with with fillth. do some research on the effects of television and your brain and i promise you'll have a decision to make when it comes to television. >> of course this follows the very public melt down of charlie cheung from the -- cheung from the very same
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sitcom it probably seemed like a good idea at the time but it turns out some of the confetti at the macy's thanksgiving day parade contained confidential police files. a long island police department employee brought shreddeded police reports to the parade and tossed them o out. one person picked up strips that listed social security numbers and even arrest records. >> i was just completely in shock that how can anyone have this kind of sensitive information and why is it being shredded. >> there was even information about one of mitt romney motor kad's a-last month. the police department is reviewing the procedure. >> it didn't just fall out of
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the sky like sponge bob. >> not like the rain is going to fall. >> i was trying to transition that was a solid attempt. >> thanks. here's what we have for tonight. not going rain tonight or tomorrow morning. there will be fog in the morning. it will be chilly out in the morning. high deaf doppler, nothing on it, last time we're going to show you that for the next several l nights, we're looking about a week's worth of rab fall. we are -- rain fall. we are expecting sharp river rises. check out the rain fall total, five to eight inches of rain expected, three to five for a- alameda county. it is going to get very wet out there. the rain will begin as soon as wednesday. there's a reason for this, it's
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called the pineapple express. it's when we get rain fall that originates in hawaii and works its way across the pacific ocean. that will most likely hit us pause we have a low pressure stream and that will send this rain to the bay area. all of this begins on wednesday and likely will not let up until next monday so we're the bull's eye of heavy rain next week. we'll start off wednesday wet and windy, a little break on thursday but then the worst of the rain will occur friday through sunday. so tomorrow the final dry day for a while. we'll be in the 60s. then watch what happens after that, wet, windy on wednesday. a couple of showers on thursday, then heavy rain fall friday, saturday, sunday, and
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monday. as for specifics, all i can say is the entire bay area may be under a flood watch the next couple of days. a lot of rain in a short amount of time. >> thank you paul. taking the air out of those bouncy houses, why parents are being warrant warned -- warned about the risk they pose to children.
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there may be a link between here is a another reason to avoid sugar ri soft drink, researchers say there may be a link between sodas and arthritis of the knee. the study followed more than 24 hundred parents -- patients over a two year period. men who draing five or more sew days a week, had double the problem and body weight didn't make a difference suggesting something in the soda damages the knee. >> they are big hits at children's parties but those inflatable bounce houses could be dangerous for your kids.
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a report indicates the number of injuries tubled between 2008 and 2010. more than a third of the kids hurt are under six. most injuries occur when children fall in or out of the bounce house or hit other children we had had one at my son's birthday last year and he's been to other parties with them. i think they're fine. >> there are also risks like this, if the blower loses power, they can lose weight. >> jim harbaugh does his latest fred estaire impersonation, next.
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. >> jim harbaugh has a problem but it's a good one, two quarterbacks, both winners. only one can start, see if you can figure it out. >> alex smith is our starting quarterback, he has not done anything to lose that job. also, colin caper neck, you -- capper neck nick you can't qualify him as a back up because he's started and done well. >> williams is out for the season with a torn acl. on the same play he was hurt, ken adal hunter -- kendall hunter was also injured. >> san jose state with a huge chance. they led be as many as 24 in the first half. the lead is down to 7 with 2:40
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to go. but here comingses 12 th -- comes the 12th block. that's the fast break. j hawks win 70-57. but something is going on at san jose state. >> we're coming back at 11:00 on cbs 5, see you then. ,,,,
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh.


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